Name  Institution Position Term
Claire Semer Bowling Green State University Chair 2020
Laura Arroyo University of Colorado, Boulder Past Chair
Brandin Howard University of Vermont Vice Chair-Recruitment and Outreach 2020
Deandre Taylor  University of Colorado, Boulder Vice Chair- Engagement 2020
Ashley Robinson University of Connecticut Vice Chair- Conference Presence 2020
Ann Schafer University of Oklahoma Special Projects 2020
MarQuita  Barker Elon University 2020
Ashley Dobbs Georgia State University 2021
Quan Phan University of Oklahoma 2021
Allison Schipma Washington University in St. Louis 2021
Justin Schwendeman Colorado State University 2021
Rachel Oladele University of North Carolina, School of the Arts 2020
Yolande Graham University of Oklahoma 2021
DeAndre Taylor University of Colorado, Boulder 2021
Jeremy Brown Georgia Institute of Technology 2021
Dennis Scott University of Alabama 2020
Evan Owen Longwood University 2022
Kelly D’Arcy Southern Oklahoma State 2021
Bri Elum North Carolina Sate University 2022
Zabrian Oglesby University of Colorado 2022
Jamal Myrick University of California, Riverside 2022
Dale Morrow  Johns Hopkins University 2022
Brandii Halliburton  Towson University 2022
Christopher Ambrose Johns Hopkins University 2022
Andraelya Moody Georgia College & State University 2022
Ronald Alexander Emory University 2022


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