A word from Laura Arroyo, CHRL Chair

Laura Arroyo, Chair of the Commission for Housing and Residence Life

Greetings Reslifers! My name is Laura Arroyo, she, her, hers, and I am the Chair for the Commission for Housing and Residential Life through ACPA (CHRL). This is my second year as chair, I am so blessed to get to lead this great team through the Boston 2019 convention! CHRL has been busy at work planning for the upcoming year; there are many things upcoming, please see below and let us know if you have any questions!

Areas of Specialization

Every year, CHRL chooses to focus on a key areas of residence life and housing work. While all areas of housing and residence life are certainly important, choosing a few to focus on is a helpful practice to ensure that meaningful contributions to the field can be made. For 2018-2019, the three key areas we have chosen are supervision, equity and inclusion, and crisis management. Be on the lookout for webinars, blog posts, drive-in conferences, articles and innovative praxis around each of these topical areas!

Upcoming Webinars

At the 2018 convention in Houston, CHRL had a number of programs sponsored. Sponsorship by CHRL means that the program has been specially vetted by the commission in addition to ACPA as a whole, to ensure that it meets the guidelines and expectations necessary to be directly applicable to residence life professionals. This past year we had sponsored programs on a variety of topics from 2nd year experience, the curricular approach, to equity in identity based living learning communities and to make sure this information is accessible, we will be offering these sponsored programs again in webinar format. Be on the lookout for more information, all webinars are free to attend!

The 2019 Boston Convention

2019 marks the 95th anniversary of ACPA, please join us in celebrating the rich history of our professional family! We are excited to be visiting Boston as our host city this upcoming year, however, ACPA also recognizes the problematic history that the city of Boston holds for so many of our ACPA members. Through creating space for deep engagement, reflection and story sharing, and creating a call to action to better ourselves and the communities in which we serve, we hope to both remember and honor the past, while also bring hope and promise to the future of ACPA.

Registration is currently open, please register today. http://www.myacpa.org/events/acpa-2019-boston-convention

Sponsored Programs

As discussed above there is opportunity to seek sponsorship for your residence life Boston Convention ACPA program proposal through CHRL. It is highly advantageous to seek sponsorship as this gives your proposal another opportunity for review and potential approval. Plus, all lead presenters of chosen sponsored programs get their ACPA convention registration waived by CHRL! Keeping with ACPA’s commitment to racial justice, we are looking for program submissions for Boston infusing residence life and housing work with equity and inclusion. Keeping with our areas of specialization, program proposals on supervision and crisis management are also highly encouraged. http://convention.myacpa.org/boston2019/curriculum/

Please apply TODAY.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, thoughts or ideas you would like to see. Happy PRIDE, and best wishes on  a wonderful summer!


With Kind Regards,

Laura L. Arroyo

She, Her, Hers

Chair, Commission for Housing and Residential Life-ACPA International


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