Rest, Reflect, Respond


“Welcome home” is very often the message we share with students and parents when they arrive on our respective campuses. For the Commission for Housing and Residential Life, this same phrase is how we represent the Commission as your professional home within ACPA. After the exciting and busy time that is the ACPA annual convention, “Welcome home” is what I would like to share now that our time together is over.

Welcome home my friends.

Of course, you know our journey does not end here right? We are the NeverEnding Story with a bit of choose your own adventure thrown in. A few thoughts as you begin to find your work and home life groove again.


There is work to do. You left students, projects, and plenty of responsibility behind to invest in your professional development. All of these responsibilities will need to be attended to again. I would add one more item to your list: Take a little time for yourself and rest. While fulfilling, attending convention is a tiring adventure, mentally and physically.


There is work to do. In my sixteen years as a student affairs educator I cannot remember a more engaging and thought provoking convention. Individually and as a profession we have been called to task in many ways. This work will require all of us to reflect on what we value and you will need to get your hands dirty as you redefine your truth.


There is work to do. Oh is there work to do. Dr. xxxx said it best with, “We can do better.” I don’t know what better looks like. I try to be a professional who pins my work to my heart – but my heart is troubled. Are we up to the task? Am I up to the task?  Our growth as individuals and as a profession are truly a Neverending Story. And to this story we must respond.

Rest, Reflect, Respond.

Take care,

Troy – Chair for the Commission for Housing and Residential Life


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